A "Sad, Alarming State of Affairs:" Why Can't We Find Enough Qualified Teachers?

from our newsletter:
Can you believe it? Summer has finally come to an end. While students are gearing up to return to schools all over the country, many districts can't find enough qualified applicants to fill teacher positions.

We are really feeling this out in California. According to The New York Times, California districts "have to fill 21,500 slots... while the state is issuing fewer than 15,000 new teaching credentials.”

Frank Bruni, in his op-ed “Can We Interest You in Teaching?” has this to say:
”It’s a sad, alarming state of affairs, and it proves that for all our lip service about improving the education of America’s children, we’ve failed to make teaching the draw that it should be, the honor that it must be.”
Here at The Teacher Salary Project, we're working hard to do something to change what it means to be a teacher in America. We advocate for the notion of paying teachers professionally, treating them professionally and changing the value our society places on this role. So, instead of scrambling to find any warm body to fill vacant teacher positions—we will be able to draw in the wonderful folks (of all races and genders!) that America's students deserve.