National Endangered Species Day

Today, May 19, is National Endangered Species Day. We want to honor this day by featuring an incredible lesson put together by a first grade teacher, Ms. Netkin, at Lawton School in San Francisco. To learn about endangered species, these first graders made costumes, gave reports, and decorated the wheelchair ramp with a pollination mural. 

This is just one of millions of examples of teachers who go above and beyond expectations to engage their students and help them learn. Teachers are essential to addressing many important issues, like that of endangered species. They expose students to these issues and engage them in critical-thinking and dialogue, guiding students as they develop problem-solving skills.

Ms. Netkin's lesson serves as a reminder of the incredible passion and effort teachers are putting into lesson plans every day. If we want teachers who are engaged with critical issues like these, we need to offer professional wages that reflect their hard work, and give them the ability to read up on these issues and develop engaging lesson plans, rather than spending spare time working second jobs to make ends meet.

-Emma Liss, Social Media Specialist