Now that you understand the urgency of raising teacher pay, it's time to get serious. We've put together resources you can use to start doing real work in your community to make sure that the teaching profession is given the level of respect it deserves in our society.


The California Teacher Recruitment and Retention Act

This bill, also known as #SB807, was presented to the CA State Senate by Senators Henry Stern and Cathleen Galgiani. If passed, it would mean a reduction in state income tax for public school teachers in low income communities during years 6-10 of teaching. It would also provide tax credits for new teacher to help them pay for training required to stay in the classroom. In May 2017, the bill was passed unanimously by the California Senate Governing and Finance Committee. If signed into law, this will be a huge win for Califiornia teachers and a positive step towards paying teachers a livable wage!

Tackling the Challenge of Raising Teacher Pay State by State

Former Secretary of Education Arne Duncan asked states to propose solutions to inequity in education, and the Teacher Salary Project paid close attention to how states' responses addressed teacher pay. This brief highlights states who addressed teacher pay, specifically those who created concrete strategies to raise compensation. Download to find out how your state is choosing to address teacher pay! 

Teacher Facts

Know someone you need to convince about American teachers' dire situation? We've compiled an excellent set of facts about teachers that will give people the real numbers about the place of teachers in American society. Click the icon to download!

Contacts for State ESSA Plans

The Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA), requires that every state has full equity plans in effect by the start of the 2017-2018 school year. Most states offer opportunities for community members to give their input on the process. The Teacher Salary Project has compiled a document containing links and contact information for every state so that you can find out how to get involved in the production of the ESSA plan for your state. Click the image to see the document!